Ethics charter

JEHRHE follows the principles set out in the ethical charter of the platform (available here: These stipulate that “a complaint denouncing a practice contrary to publication ethics may be lodged at any time by anyone with the journal's editorial board. The person lodging the complaint must provide the elements justifying his or her complaint. All complaints will be taken seriously by the Editorial Board and processed to conclusion. All complaints will be dealt with regardless of the date of publication of the article concerned. The documents relating to the handling of the complaint will be kept by the editorial board. The following measures may be implemented in the event of a complaint to the journals:

-Interview with the author, in the event of a misunderstanding of the ethical charter and publication rules of the journals.

-Sending a letter to the author, detailing the infringement and serving as a warning

-A letter is sent to the author's employer.

-Publication of an editorial informing the readership

-Withdrawal of the article from the magazine, as well as from the indexing databases, and notification of the readership.

-Embargo all new articles by this author for a specified period of time

-Referral to an outside organization or body with authority to deal with the complaint”.

The charter also emphasizes that “the Editorial Board seeks to identify and prevent any behavior contrary to the ethics of publication. It undertakes to investigate any complaint lodged against the magazine, in accordance with the procedure described below. The author is liable for the alleged offence. The Editorial Board is always ready to publish corrections, apologies and explanations, if necessary."