Hydrocarbons and human resources: labor, social relations and industrial culture in the history of the oil and gas industry


Texas, the Tulsa Race Massacre, and White-Supremacist Energies: Petroleum Workers and Anti-Black Violence in the Mid-Continent Oilfields

Assistant Professor of History, University of Nebraska at Omaha


This article examines the early twentieth-century oil workforce in the Mid-Continent petroleum region of the United States, focusing on the centrality of white supremacy within the oil industry. White oil workers and the communities where they predominated frequently perpetrated acts of racial…

Oil pricing and the challenge of an Arab oil trans-nationalism: Abdallah al-Tariqi and Arab oil globalization

Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University
philippe.petriat[at]univ-paris1. fr

Economics was a major field of struggle for anti-imperialist oil experts and activists. Building on recent scholarship on oil anti-colonialism, this article argues that exploring the economic dimension of the struggle for sovereignty not only adds to our understanding of political and social…

Du bidon à la pompe : la vente du pétrole en province et ses contestations (Côte-d’Or, 1877-1939)

Université de Bourgogne
Twitter : @TimotheeDhotel

Cet article éclaire l’arrivée du pétrole en France, et plus particulièrement en Côte-d’Or. Alors que les premiers fûts sont importés en 1861 sur les côtes normandes, la première trace d’un dépôt de pétrole dans ce département rural organisé autour de la ville de Dijon n’apparaît pas avant 1877.…